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Answer a few questions & take a photograph

Our dynamic medical interview assesses your medical history.

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Get matched with your personal provider

A U.S. licensed physician will review your answers and will stick by you throughout your treatment.

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Your treatment plan arrives!

We ship your medication to your door and automatically refill every 90 days.

What our patients are saying

Amy March 21, 2018

I needed this in my life!

I needed help and you all are the best!!!
Sara April 3, 2018

I would 100% recommend your service.

I’ve already told my roommate about it!
Jon April 15, 2018

I loved it!

Your service is smooth and easy - there’s no pressure!
Chris April 1, 2018

Using your service is so easy!

I started the medication a few months ago and now I see it working.
David April 15, 2018

There’s no wait times or referrals.

It’s great!

Real doctors & automatic refills

Alpha works with board-certified partner physicians in your state to write the prescriptions you need. We then automatically refill and renew prescriptions. By using Alpha, going to the doctor’s office or the pharmacy will never stand between you and getting the treatment you need.


Personalized Treatments Designed Just For You

Though acne and other skin blemishes are very common, no two people’s skin is the same. At Alpha, we understand that every person has unique needs. Our medical team will create a personalized treatment plan designed to meet your goals.

Additional medical information

Using this service we can evaluate your skin, determine if it is likely simple acne (acne vulgaris), and if appropriate provide treatment options that can reduce current acne, prevent future breakouts, and reduce any scarring.

Your satisfaction guaranteed.

We stand behind all the medical care and advice we provide. If you ever have any questions you can message or call our medical team anytime. If you aren't happy with the service we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund policy for our consultation. We can't refund medicines, lab tests, or supplies purchased from the pharmacy or other outside businesses.

You don't need insurance.

You don't need insurance to use Alpha and the visit fee you see is the full price. There are no hidden fees. We will also work with you to help find medicines and pharmacies that offer the lowest price for any medicines or treatments we prescribe.

What treatments do you offer?

The exact treatment we prescribe depends on your diagnosis and risk factors. Generally we prescribe a combination of topical retinoids (Retin-A, Differin), topical benzoyl peroxide, and oral antibiotics as well as counseling about cleaning and caring for your skin.

Are there options you don't offer?

Yes, since this isn't an in-person visit we can't offer you certain options like laser therapy or needle drainage that may have different risks and benefits. If you want to know more about this or other options we are happy to answer your questions and refer you to an in-person provider.

What can't we do?

Since this isn't an in-person visit we can't conduct a full physical exam which might include pressing on your skin or feeling it. We believe that using your timeline, photos, symptoms, and priorities we can empirically establish a diagnosis with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity, and that we can observe if our treatments are helping.

However since we aren't examining you in person we want you to be aware of the risk that we won't find a risk or problem that an in-person doctor might. We also want to ensure that you still see your in-person doctor and to let them know about any visits with Alpha.

Do these medicines have side effects?

Yes, these medicines do have the risk of potentially serious side effects. When the doctor evaluates your visit and afterward we will review these risks with you and if you have any questions or concerns message us anytime.

Where is this service available?

Our services are only available in certain states where their medical board and laws have made this type of care possible. We are working on expanding to all of the United States as soon as possible. If you sign up and we can't help you yet we will message you when we can!

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