Are Prescription Skincare Products Right For Me?

In recent years, the skincare market has exploded with options. There's something for everyone, whether you are a teenaged male or a mature woman. With the options have come a variety of active and botanical ingredients. The Korean skincare craze has seen the normalization of AHA's, BHA's, hyaluronic acid, and so many other ingredients that it's hard to tell what's what anymore. The question that remains unanswered is, where do prescription ingredients fall in this picture? Are they for everyone, or are they only for severe skin problems? It turns out that there's a prescription skincare product out there for every skincare problem – so it's just a matter of identifying what it is you need.

Let's discuss the different types of situations and people who should consider prescription skin care.

People with Acne – Any Age

If you struggle with acne, your skin concerns can definitely be helped by prescription skincare. Acne is a genderless and ageless issue that affects up to 50 million Americans annually. While teenagers are known as the common sufferers of acne, many adults deal with breakouts during stressful times, and women consistently see their acne appear and disappear according to their menstrual cycle.

To figure out which prescription medication will solve your acne woes, you have to first figure out what is causing your acne. In order to do this, it is recommended that you keep a diary and track your breakouts. For instance, if you notice that your skin becomes inflamed by certain foods, during certain times of the month, when you experience work stress, certain hair or skin products or perhaps according to no rhyme or reason at all, you should keep a record and be ready to share that information with your clinician. You should also keep track of where your acne appears, and whether the patterns have changed over time.

The next step is to speak to a clinician about your issue. A clinician or dermatologist will be able to examine your skin and factor your lifestyle, age, and gender into narrowing down a possible cause for your acne. Once they have done that, they can recommend which acne fighting prescription is right for you.

Women with Wrinkles – Late 30's and above.

Wrinkles begin to set in early in life but become much more obvious as skin ages. Women often find that lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, alcohol and coffee consumption, and stress begin to show on their skin once they reach their late 30's. At this point, the skin has been developing wrinkles for a while and the prescriptions recommended will be different from those recommended to younger people who are aiming at prevention rather than a cure.

In order to figure out which prescription is the right fit for you, you will need to speak with a clinician who is experienced in identifying problem areas and making suggestions that suit your skin. When choosing a prescription treatment option, it's critical to inform your doctor of other medications you may be taking (including birth control or hormonal replacement) and any health conditions you have. While the medication prescribed will be for skin treatment, prescriptions have the capability of interacting with one another, so it is best to be cautious.

Young Women Aiming to Manage Acne and Prevent Wrinkles – 20's

The 20's are a pivotal time for skincare. While women in this age group still experience hormonal acne, the care their skin receives during this time also affects the kind of skin issues they will see in the future. The 20's are a great time to work on preventing wrinkles and preserving the moisture, condition, coloring, and tightness of the skin.

For women who are experiencing acne during this age, it's best to speak with a doctor to figure out why the acne is happening. It can be hormonal, it can be caused by other medications or birth control, or it could signal an underlying metabolic or hormonal issue such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. All of these conditions can be treated by a clinician and treatment of the underlying condition often results in curing the symptom. However, the first step is discussing your condition with a clinician.

For wrinkle prevention, a clinician may be able to help you sort through stressors and recommend both lifestyle and medication choices that will help you mitigate the causes of wrinkles.

Men – All Ages

Skin conditions are frequently thought of as a woman's issue, which makes it difficult for men who may be concerned about their skin conditions to seek treatment. However, men of all ages struggle with hormonal acne, cystic acne, and wrinkles.

Regardless of the nature of your skin concerns, you should always feel comfortable speaking to a clinician about treatment. As is the case for all skin treatment, it's a good idea to take a note of how your skin conditions developed, how long you have been experiencing them, what aggravates them, and what particular areas they affect.

From there, a clinician will be able to help take you through different options and recommend a treatment plan for you.

Prescription Treatment is an Option For Everyone

Whether you struggle with acne, wrinkles, or some other skin condition, you should feel comfortable speaking with a clinician with the confidence that your concerns will be taken seriously. Alpha Medical aims to help people everywhere avoid long waits and possibly stressful conversations with overloaded local practices by providing an easy, convenient, digital solution to seeking treatment.

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