Can Latisse Be Used on Eyebrows?

While Latisse is only FDA-approved to be used for eyelash growth - and not on eyebrows - investigators have published research that shows eyebrow growth in participants who used bimatoprost 0.03% (the generic version of Latisse) applied once or twice daily. One investigator noted eyebrow growth in study participants using only .01% bimatoprost applied once daily. Bimatoprost, applied topically to eyebrows causes longer, thicker, and darker hair growth. Investigators also noted a significant increase in patient satisfaction with the appearance of their eyebrows. Results from application of Latisse on eyebrows may take a while - more like several weeks to months.

Two things to be careful of are 1) stray hair growth and 2) darker skin (caused by Latisse use), so try to be precise when applying Latisse (may be best to use a fine-point eyeliner brush).

Note that eyebrow growth from Latisse only lasts if you continue using the product.

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