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I have been obsessed with all things skincare ever since my teen years. At first, it was to fend off the bumps that I started getting when puberty hit, but after that my concerns became more aesthetic. If only my skin could be a little more moist, a little more plump, maybe a little more bright?

I tried every trend, every new product, and every mysterious active ingredient on the market. I followed the trends like a hawk and kept up with all of the skincare blogs in search of the next big thing that would solve my every skincare woe. Along the way, I picked up tons of information about different skincare methodologies and ingredients. Depending on how my skin was feeling, I'd try an AHA based cleanser, or maybe a retinol serum. I heard that vitamin C is a great skin brightening ingredient, so I used it religiously only to find out that it dried out my skin.

After a long spell of homegrown skincare trial and errors, I decided it was time to consult a professional.

I'm in my late 20's and by the time I decided to go to a professional, I'd already developed a variety of skincare ills from saggy eye bags to discoloration. I needed a solution and I needed it to be effective. After some research, I learned about a few tech companies that offered bespoke skincare solutions based on individual skin concerns. I was interested, but weary. How did I know that I could trust these companies? What would happen if something didn't work or if I had a negative reaction?

That's when I found Alpha Medical. Alpha is a service that offers prescription skincare treatments, but before you can get any treatments, you get to consult with a clinician trained in providing advice for skincare concerns. They assured me that their clinicians are available to answer all of my questions, so I decided to try it.

The Consultation

The consultation process was super easy. I didn't even have to go to the dermatologist's office, and everything was done online. I answered a few questions about my medical history, noted my skincare goals, and uploaded some photos of my face.

I later received an email from the Alpha Clinician confirming what my prescription was, how to use it, and a full treatment guide.

Receiving my Prescription

The next step was receiving my prescription. I had never used the service before, so I wasn't sure how I would receive my prescription or when it would arrive. However, the company was very transparent with me and explained that once the clinician contacted the pharmacy about my prescription, I would receive it in the mail.

From there it was a waiting game, and I waited far less than I expected. Within a couple of days, I'd received my package and I was ready to try my new prescription. It was just like ordering something on Amazon Prime – easy, and delivered the same week.

Since it was a medication, I was concerned that I'd use it incorrectly or that I'd have some terrible negative reaction. But, my clinician had gone over the usage during our consultation and I knew I could reach out to her if there was any issue. There was even a cute little informational how-to-use flyer inside my package.

Once I tried it, I knew it worked. It took several days, but I noticed that my skin looked better. It was brighter and my breakouts died down. It's been a couple of weeks and I can definitely see an improvement in my skin. It looks more supple, softer. I am so happy with the results!

Alpha Medical – Easy Prescription Skincare

Overall, I think I would definitely recommend Alpha Medical as a way to get your skincare needs met. Before I found out about them, I was lost in a sea of active ingredients, botanicals, and trends. It was fun, but I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Being able to consult a clinician on my routine, my lifestyle, and my skin concerns made all of the difference. I am now happily on my way to the skin I always dreamed of having and I am perfectly confident that Alpha Medical can help you find the perfect skin solution for you, too!

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