Which anti-aging creams actually work?

Most anti-aging creams, especially for aging skin (or even young skin that has premature aging) are mostly rich in oils. Most of us produce less oil as we get older. When we look for results, we need to look at ingredients/methods that have had clinical results.

Treatments that work best include:

  • Retinol or tretinoin serums
  • High potency antioxidants such as vitamin C with ferulic acid
  • Dermarolling (triggering a wound response in the skin)
  • Exfoliation using peels (must be careful, however, as it sensitizes skin and can also thin skin)
  • Microcurrent treatments (like CACI)
  • LED phototherapy (such as Dermalux)

Treatment does, however, take time, dedication, and a lot of money, so preventative measures should always be the first step (sunscreen, antioxidants, nourishing the skin when it regenerates).

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