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Are you looking to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health? Alpha Wellness workshops are structured to help with mindfulness, sleep, well-being, emotional awareness, and more. Individual therapy isn’t suited for everyone, which is why we’re providing access to group workshops that are available through your phone or computer.

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Alpha Wellness Workshops

Emotional Agility & Resilience During COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic and other events have been stressful and challenging. Life isn’t always always pleasant, but you can learn skills to support yourself after challenging experiences, which can lead to better overall emotional stability. In this workshop, you will learn the six core areas that help us manage our tough emotions regardless of the circumstances. We’ll do a deep dive into the concepts of emotional agility & resilience to help you learn to ride the highs and lows of your own emotional experience (led by Gray Life).

Emotional Awareness & Acceptance


We all experience different types of emotions, good and bad. Some emotions prevent us from being present in our daily lives. Being able to recognize and label our emotions allows us to better tolerate these emotions so they have less of a negative impact on us and allow us to more effectively proceed with our daily lives. In this workshop, we’ll focus on emotional awareness & acceptance to help you recognize and label the thoughts and feelings you experience (led by Gray Life).

Effective Communication & Healthy Relationships During COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we communicate with everyone around us. It can be difficult to advocate for yourself and communicate your needs effectively in this virtual world, which can often lead to more stress. In this workshop, we’ll focus on ways to promote healthier communication with the people in our lives. You’ll learn the tools to help you grow more meaningful relationships with yourself and others (led by Gray Life).

Balance Habits & Routines


It’s important to examine the flow of our day-to-day lives and assess where we can add or remove habits and routines to feel more grounded. Exploring sleep, movement, and morning and transitional times can help identify action steps we can implement into our daily lives. In this workshop, we will explore these habits and routines that will help support your overall emotional well-being (led by Gray Life).

The Role of Medication in Managing Mental Health


How do antidepressant and antianxiety medications work? What are the side effects of these medications? In this workshop, we’ll explore the role of medications in managing depression and anxiety. We’ll discuss tips for managing side effects, most commonly encountered drug interactions, and strategies to make informed decisions with your clinician about your treatment plan.

Coping With the Diagnosis of Anxiety & Depression


It can be very challenging to learn that you have depression or anxiety. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to cope with and understand your diagnosis, how to share this diagnosis with loved ones, and stigmas surrounding mental health. We will also discuss how anxiety and depression can affect your loved ones and ways to seek support.

Over-the-counter, Herbal, and Prescription Medication


Some non-prescription treatment options can help treat depression and anxiety symptoms and/or manage side effects of these symptoms. In this workshop, we’ll cover tips on how to select safe and reputable brands among the many over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements available at local drug stores. We’ll also discuss the benefits, cautions, and appropriate use of these treatment options.

About Our Workshops

Cost: $15 per workshop

Duration: 1 hour

What’s Included

Private Sessions

Join via our virtual HIPAA compliant Zoom sessions. You may choose to have your camera on or off. Group members must agree to maintain the confidentiality of other group members.

Trained Professionals

Learn from our team of board-certified, trained healthcare professionals and coaches who are empathetic and experts in providing effective tools and strategies.

Various Topics

We’ll cover a variety of topics related to emotional, mental, and physical health, including coping during COVID-19, medication management, nutrition education, and more.


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