Alpha is a technology company which provides a platform to affiliated medical practices. We reference those practices and Alpha collectively as “Alpha” for ease, however all medical care is provided by Alpha Telemedicine, PC, Alpha Telemedicine of Alaska, PC, Alpha Telemedicine of Kansas, P.A., or Alpha Telemedicine of New Jersey, P.A., depending on your location.

Alpha’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible primary care, and be the first stop for your healthcare needs. All care provided through Alpha is guided by our steadfast commitment to putting the safety and well-being of Alpha patients first. That includes our approach to prescribing medication in line with our evidence-based clinical guidelines, as described below.

Practitioner-Patient Relationship and the Standard of Care. We believe in true collaboration between providers and their patients. Alpha’s licensed healthcare providers will always consider your health condition, preferences, and evidence-based clinical guidelines before recommending a course of treatment or writing a prescription.

Our clinical protocols require Alpha providers to only provide treatment – including prescribing medication – when they can meet the applicable standard of care. Alpha providers only recommend the course of treatment they believe to be most appropriate for the patient, whether that be talk therapy, over-the-counter medication, exercise, or prescription medication, even if a patient requests something different. Alpha providers will also recommend that you seek in-person treatment if your condition cannot be adequately treated through our virtual platform.

Alpha Doesn’t Prescribe Controlled Substances. Alpha providers do not prescribe controlled substances requiring an in-person examination under federal or state law. Certain states prohibit prescribing certain medications via virtual care, which means that Alpha providers cannot prescribe certain medications in some states. If you believe your medical condition requires controlled substance medication, we recommend that you seek in-person treatment.

Pharmacy Choice. Alpha is a virtual care platform, not a pharmacy. To help our patients access treatment as seamlessly as possible, we work with third-party mail order pharmacy partners who are appropriately licensed and authorized to deliver prescription medication by mail. However, your Alpha provider will always transfer prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice upon request, subject to applicable law.

Prior Authorization. In some cases, your insurance will require specific prior authorization requirements before covering a given prescription medication. We will work to support prior authorization requests, but we cannot be responsible for decisions of insurance plans. In some cases, even with an approval for prior authorization, your insurance coverage may require a copay for medication. You are always welcome to pay directly (with cash) for your prescriptions, should you so choose. If you pay directly and/or do not obtain prior authorization, your ability to later file a claim with your insurance may be impacted or waived. Please consult the terms of your insurance plan for more information.

Manufacturers Savings Cards. Some manufacturers may offer savings cards for certain prescription medications. If a card is available, it will be accessible through the medication/manufacturer’s website. Please read the terms and conditions of any such card carefully and realize the terms and conditions may be subject to change. Alpha does not offer these cards directly, and neither Alpha nor your provider is responsible for the terms and conditions of any savings card.

Canceling medication subscriptions and orders
. If you’re having medication shipped to you through one of our third-party mail order pharmacy partners and would like to cancel any upcoming refills, please send a secure message to your provider through our platform. Canceling medication is a separate process from canceling your Alpha Membership because as a patient, you have a right to any refills your provider prescribes you. This is to ensure patients are able to continue their course of treatment as prescribed by their provider. If you do not expressly request to have your prescription refills canceled, they will continue through the last remaining refill. For those patients receiving mental health treatment or are taking medications which require a taper, we urge you to consult with your provider before making any changes to ongoing prescriptions or canceling your mental health service.

If you are receiving medication through your chosen pharmacy, please contact your pharmacy to cancel a refill or make any other changes.

Last updated: February 13, 2023