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Your care team will respond to any questions through our secure messaging platform and you can get medication at your preferred pharmacy.

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Alpha Membership
Primary care
✔️   Includes 2 visits per month
✔️   Access care for more than 100 eligible medical conditions
•     No access to weight loss, diabetes, or mental health services
Alpha Membership Plus
All access
✔️   Includes 4 visits per month
✔️   Access weight loss, diabetes, and mental health services
✔️   Care for more than 100 medical conditions
Weight loss, diabetes, and mental health services are available only with Alpha Membership Plus. Membership fees are nonrefundable and do not include the cost of medication or labs.

Primary care

At Alpha, we believe in treating the whole person. With Alpha Membership or Alpha Membership Plus, you’ll have access to more than 100 eligible medical conditions including women’s health, urgent care, and more. You’ll see the same provider at every visit when possible, for seamless, coordinated care.

Experts in Women's Health

All providers with Alpha are trained in women’s health. Women’s health isn’t just reproductive care: it’s a holistic approach to your individual care. Your provider recognizes the natural hormonal changes that are unique to women and people assigned female at birth for personalized care at every step of your treatment.

On Your Schedule

All visits are online, with care delivered through our secure messaging platform. You can start a visit any time: no appointment needed. After submitting your health information, a provider will review your condition and work with you on a treatment plan. With Alpha, you can get care from anywhere.

Top Questions

Who can use Alpha?
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We welcome every individual to access our platform and to receive personalized, high-quality healthcare they deserve. Our providers are specially trained in women’s health and sex differences, but can also treat men and individuals assigned male at birth for most conditions.

Does Alpha accept insurance?
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We’re not able to accept insurance for medical fees or membership fees, but some pharmacies may accept your health insurance for medication. We’ll ask for your insurance information during your online visit.

Is there a minimum commitment for Alpha Membership?

Both Alpha Membership and Alpha Membership Plus are flexible and billed month-to-month. You may request to cancel at any time. Membership fees are non-refundable.

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