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Our check-in asks about your health & habits, then gives a personalized plan to help manage & prevent health issues

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Alpha Membership
Monthly subscription
✔️   Includes 2 visits per month
✔️   Access care for more than 100 eligible medical conditions
•     No access to weight loss, diabetes, or mental health services
Alpha Membership Plus
Monthly subscription
✔️   Includes 4 visits per month
✔️   Access weight loss, diabetes, and mental health services
✔️   Care for more than 100 medical conditions
Membership fees are nonrefundable. Weight loss, diabetes, and mental health services are available only with Alpha Membership Plus.
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Our healthcare system is broken, and we’re here with a better solution.

Women face the greatest barriers to accessible, affordable healthcare. Alpha was formed with the goal of providing access to care for some of the country’s most common, underserved, and undertreated medical needs.
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What We Treat

We can treat over 100 medical conditions online.

Access to simple, everyday medical needs in a convenient, affordable, and discreet online process.

We can treat more than 100 medical conditions online.

Get care for everyday medical needs in a convenient, affordable, and discreet online process.
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All licensed providers trained in women's health

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Care from the same provider for every visit

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Describe your symptoms

Answer questions about your health condition online.

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Connect with a medical provider

A medical provider will review your responses and send an appropriate treatment plan. Your care is evidence-based and personalized at every visit.

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Get whole-person care

Your care team will respond to any questions through our secure messaging platform and you can get medication at your preferred pharmacy.

Even More with Alpha Membership

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Care for Top Conditions

Access treatment for more than 100 medical conditions, including urgent care and women's health.

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Exclusive Benefits

Up to 2 medical visits covered per month, and get additional visits at a special rate.

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Mental Health and Weight Loss

Choose Alpha Membership Plus for $64/month to access weight loss, diabetes, and mental health services.

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Get matched with a primary care provider

At Alpha, our medical team provides a true primary care experience that is comprehensive, continuous, and coordinated. At your first visit, we match you with a primary care provider (PCP) who will be a consistent part of your healthcare journey, even when you start a new visit for a new condition. Your PCP will always have access to your most up-to-date medical history and concerns.

Alpha's Promise to You

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Quality Care

Our licensed, board-certified providers only prescribe evidence-based treatments based on clinical guidelines. Alpha Partner Pharmacies are licensed by the Boards of Pharmacy in the states that we serve.

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Affordable Access

Alpha aims to empower women to take control of their personal healthcare by providing patients with access to simple, everyday medical needs in a convenient, affordable, and discreet online process.

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Patients First

We believe in firsts. Your health comes first. Patient care comes first. Trust and safety come first. We want to be the first stop for your healthcare needs.

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