Ahead with Alpha™

Support sustainable weight loss for your employees with whole-person primary care. This program combines primary care and preventive services with evidence-based weight loss treatment for an engaging, cost-saving solution that reduces overall healthcare spend.

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Stay ahead of your healthcare spend

The new generation of prescription weight loss medication (GLP-1s) is highly effective and high in costs. The uncertainties around GLP-1s and their real-world results mean organizations need to balance potential with what’s proven.

Ahead with Alpha™ offers businesses an evidence-based weight management solution with ROI built on a foundation of whole-person primary care. Controlling healthcare spend relies on more than medication management and coaching. Organizations need a way to address the complex, interconnected nature of obesity and overall health.
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Weight Management from Ahead with Alpha™

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Weight care is primary care

A dedicated primary care provider, trained to address weight bias and stigma, focuses on the whole person for overall health outcomes.

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Sustainable, real-world results

Treats over 50,000 patients with a sustained 15% reduction in BMI through medication and lifestyle coaching.

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High-value care

The right treatments to the right people, at the right time. We migrate patients who have successfully lost weight to a lower-cost maintenance program.

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How it works

Weight loss for the whole person

Alpha’s whole-person approach also manages interrelated conditions like diabetes, PCOS, and mental health.

Step therapy to leverage cost-effective options

Balances traditional weight loss tactics (dietitian visits, behavioral coaching, etc) with medication as needed.

Optional buy-ups

Explore additional features such as integrated coaching, labs, connected devices, and pharmacy/PBM partners.

What our patients say

All aspects of your health

"They really work with you in all aspects of your health! I originally started this journey looking for weight loss help, but Hello Alpha has also taken on my PCOS, nutrition, and skin care as well!"

Life changing

“The weight loss services have been life changing. The providers are wonderful to work with. I love the convenience of virtual visits.”

Overall health journey

“Alpha has been very helpful in my overall health journey that has included weight loss! They are quick to respond and have helped with any side effects I have experienced.”

Down over 50 pounds

“Thanks for all the help with my weight loss. I’m down over 50 pounds. The website works great and your response times to me and the pharmacy are very good.”

Communication is great

“The process is easy. The communication is great and prescriptions are submitted in a timely fashion. Currently I am losing weight but it’s been slow due to my age. I’ve changed my diet, which was one of the hardest things to do. So far I’ve lost 31 pounds.”

Best for my body

“Practitioner listened to what I thought was best for my body. Up to date on current meds and literature on medical weight loss.”

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