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Why do employers need to offer healthcare specialized for women?

The traditional healthcare system was not designed for women.

Women’s health is shockingly underserved

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Only 9% of medical schools offer courses in women’s health.

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Over half of counties in the US don't have a single OB/GYN.

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Women are 30% more likely to experience costly and painful misdiagnoses compared to men.

Solutions for teams and organizations


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Give employees the care they need and a benefit they’ll love.

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Brokers and Consultants

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Find out why Hello Alpha is the health benefit your clients need.

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With Alpha, organizations gain:

Significant cost savings

Fractured, inefficient care from a lack of primary care can result in as much as $421 of avoidable cost per visit for women’s healthcare.

Reduced employee turnover

Organizations with benefits that reflect what their employees need and want see stronger engagement, utilization, and increased job satisfaction—all key predictors of employee retention and referrals.

Reduced spend on misdiagnoses

Misdiagnosed health conditions can cost employers an average of $436 per visit. Women have a higher chance of being misdiagnosed than men.

Healthier, happier teams

Comprehensive, on-demand healthcare that includes support for mental and physical health helps prevent employee burnout and stress.

Competitive compensation

Compelling, DEI-focused benefits attract diverse talent and add value to an organization's compensation plans in a competitive market.

Improved access to care

On-demand, virtual primary care makes it easier for employees to take control of their own healthcare. Having providers who are trained in women’s health encourages women to get the care they need, when they need it.

Better access, better care, better outcomes

Alpha is a premier women’s health company delivering validated health outcomes for real people through an innovative, non-traditional virtual primary care solution. By providing solutions for health conditions that typically cost employers a lot of money, we make it easier to see a meaningful ROI.

↓ 15%

Alpha members' reduction in BMI after 4 months of obesity treatment.

↓ 45%+

Reduction in anxiety & depression scores in Alpha members receiving mental health treatment.

↓ 55%

Reduction in asthma-related emergency department visits in Alpha members treated for asthma.

Alpha's virtual, on-demand women's health platform.

Our message-based, appointment-free women’s health platform—available anytime, anywhere via mobile and desktop—gives members access to quality women-focused healthcare services that fit seamlessly into their busy lives.

Primary & urgent care

With 24/7 virtual access to adult and pediatric primary and urgent care services, Alpha members can get their everyday medical needs met in a convenient, affordable, and discreet online process—no appointment necessary.

Women's health

At Alpha, all of our providers are trained in women’s health, so every patient gets the care they need from an expert who understands the ways health conditions present—and need to be treated—differently in women.

Mental & behavioral health

Physical health and mental health go hand-in-hand. With Alpha, your employees can get expert treatment for depression and anxiety—without the high out-of-pocket costs and extensive wait times.

Chronic condition management

Six in ten adults in the US live with a chronic disease. With Alpha's expert, compassionate care that's easy-to-follow and always available, we are able to proactively identify risks, personalize support and provide comprehensive care.

Ahead with Alpha™: weight loss through the lens of primary care

The new generation of prescription weight loss medication (GLP-1s) are highly effective and high in costs. The uncertainties around GLP-1s and their real-world results mean organizations need to balance potential with what’s proven.
Ahead with Alpha™ offers businesses an evidence-based weight management solution with ROI built on a foundation of whole-person primary care. Controlling healthcare spend relies on more than medication management and coaching: organizations need a way to address the complex, interconnected nature of obesity and overall health.
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Trusted by members

"Alpha Medical was so easy and awesome to work with! I don’t usually leave reviews but I had to for this. To be able to do this and talk to someone AND get my medication sent out and delivered in 2 days was amazing. I’ll definitely keep using Alpha"

“The best of the best. Hands down the best medical care I’ve ever received. Doctors who genuinely listen and care for you. You will be treated so kindly and professionally. I will never go anywhere else. If I could give 100 stars, I would!”

"Alpha Medical helped change my life. This is the first group of medical professionals that have LISTENED to me and don’t blow me off or gaslight me about my symptoms, my weight or being a woman. Thank you Alpha!!!"

Healthy employees, high ROI

98% coverage

Our services are available in 49 states, so you can scale Alpha seamlessly across your entire workforce.

9/10 rating

Average ratings from patients for their Alpha provider, leading the industry in patient happiness.

Available any time

Clinically-validated, evidence-based care is available at all hours, via mobile or desktop website.

Virtual, on-demand care

Health issues don’t happen on a schedule. Our 100% online, appointment-free platform means employees can access care for over 100 health conditions at any time—so there’s no need to take time off or plan for an in-person appointment.

Dedicated care from an expert in women’s health

Every member receives gender-competent care from the same, dedicated provider at every visit, supporting better outcomes.

Comprehensive, personalized, & coordinated care

Providers create custom treatment plans designed to care for the whole person—not just treat the symptoms. Members enjoy a seamless experience with care navigation for everything from diagnosis and referrals to labs and prescriptions.

Preventive screening

Alpha helps employers close gaps in care via preventive screening for smoking, BMI, depression/anxiety, STIs, and conditions like endometriosis that are often misdiagnosed in women, yet can cause other health complications.

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Give employees the care they need and a benefit they’ll love.

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