There’s a gender health gap and it’s raising the costs of healthcare

Expanding access to healthcare and managing spend go hand in hand. By addressing the barriers to care that women face, employers can avoid the expenses that drive up women’s healthcare costs such as misdiagnosis, delayed care, and unnecessary referrals. Hello Alpha helps companies reduce these costs while providing care for everyone.

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Predictable, transparent PEPM for virtual primary care—and no claims

All telemedicine providers tout themselves as affordable, but Alpha’s ROI is measured through significant claims/cost avoidance with data showing we can address up to 9% of the overall medical plan spend depending on the level of engagement. Today's employers face costly absenteeism, presenteeism, $150 minimum in-person PCP visit costs, and additional fees to specialists but with Alpha it’s a simple flat monthly fee per engaged user.

Contain costs of GLP-1s through Ahead with Alpha™

The new generation of prescription weight loss medication (GLP-1s) are highly effective and high in costs. The uncertainties around GLP-1s and their real-world results mean organizations need to balance potential with what’s proven. Ahead with Alpha™ offers businesses an evidence-based weight management solution with ROI built on a foundation of whole-person primary care. Controlling healthcare spend relies on more than medication management and coaching: organizations need a way to address the complex, interconnected nature of obesity and overall health.
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High-value care, from high-quality providers

Health plans don’t track provider-quality data, which is essential for employers to contain healthcare costs. Low-quality care is expensive and leads to poorer outcomes. At Hello Alpha, our team of full-time providers follows clinical guidelines and evidence-based practices that put patients first and reduce avoidable costs.

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