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Alpha Membership gives you access to a medical provider anytime, from anywhere. 

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What We Treat


Urgent Care

For when you’re sick and need quick, non-life threatening care, like a cold, migraine, or urinary tract infection.


Women's Health

Treatment and counseling to support your reproductive health needs, sex concerns, and more.


Skin & Hair

Solutions for common skincare and dermatology conditions, including acne, dandruff, and hair loss.


Mental Health

Mental and emotional health screenings and referrals from the privacy of your own home.

Please note: we cannot provide emergency services. If you need emergency medical care, please visit your local emergency room or dial 911 for assistance.

How it Works

Describe your symptoms

Answer some questions about your current symptoms & upload photos if needed - all online.

Connect with a provider

A medical provider will review your responses and send a treatment plan within 24 hours (8 hours for urgent care cases).

Medications prescribed online

Any prescriptions will be shipped for free or sent to your nearest pharmacy for pick up.


Alpha Membership Benefits

Pay Per VisitAlpha Members
Flat fee per online medical visit
Annual enrollment fee
Medical diagnosis and treatment by board certified doctors
Year-round coordinated care (including an appointment booking service, reminders for annual wellness exams, and preventative care)
Unlimited messaging with our medical team
Prescription treatments delivered to your home with free shipping (or pickup at your local pharmacy)
Exclusive access to the Alpha Shop with 20% discount on all Alpha Skincare products

*For up to 24 online medical visits.

FREE offer ($99 value)

For a limited time, sign up for an auto-refill birth control, cold sores, herpes, migraine, skincare or Latisse prescription and get a FREE Alpha Membership ($99 value).

For a limited time, sign up for an auto-refill birth control, cold sores, herpes, migraine, skincare or Latisse prescription and get a FREE Alpha Membership ($99 value).

Why Alpha?

Alpha Medical ensures you are receiving the highest quality of care, without making you feel rushed or exhausted.

Traditional Healthcare
Traditional Healthcare
Traditional Healthcare
Alpha Medical

Requires calling and long hold times to make an in-person visit

Appointment schedulingAppointment scheduling

Get treated within 24 hours; if we can’t treat you, we will help schedule your appointments

May take 4-6 weeks to get an appointment, and the average wait time at the doctor’s office is 18 minutes

Appointment schedulingWait time

No need to wait, you have immediate access

Most doctors do not offer remote care, and it often requires a co-pay

Appointment schedulingRemote care

Access a doctor from anywhere

Typically requires another visit to the clinic

Appointment schedulingFollow up questions

Message your care team anytime

Not transparent, ranges from $15-$300 depending on treatment

Appointment schedulingCo-pays

No co-pay, just a $10 consultation fee

The average health care deductible is $1400+ before insurance coverage starts

Appointment schedulingDeductibles

No deductibles need to be met, just a $99 annual enrollment fee

May or may not be covered by insurance, often involve long lines and waiting at the pharmacy

Appointment schedulingMedications

Low-cost, FDA-approved, effective treatments - shipped to you automatically or sent to your local pharmacy for pick up


Who We Treat

Women ages 18+ - women face the greatest barriers to accessible and affordable healthcare.

Alpha Locations - currently available to residents of CA, FL, GA, IL, NY, OH, TX, VA and WA. More states coming soon!

No insurance required - our mission is to provide affordable, accessible healthcare solutions.


We’re here for you - anytime.