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Improved Clinical Outcomes

87% of Alpha mental health patients with severe depression and anxiety showed improvement after their first return visit.

Types of depression


Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions in the U.S. There are different types of depression that Alpha can help diagnose and treat, from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Types of Depression We Treat

What We Don't Treat

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If you are thinking about hurting or even killing yourself, get help now.

Call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

1-800-273-TALK (8255).

How We Treat Depression

Treatment depends on the type of depression you have and your personal history of health problems, violence, or abuse. The first step is to get a proper medical diagnosis. Through the Alpha Mental Health Service, treatment may include a combination of self care, talk therapy, and medication.

Talk Therapy


Treatment can include weekly sessions and unlimited texting with your therapist - first month free.

Prescription Medication


Work closely with your Alpha Provider to find the most effective medication for you.

Self Care Advice


Follow expert tips and advice to reduce stress and improve your mental health.

Alpha Mental Health Service

Treatment for Depression and Anxiety*

$120 per year
(or $45 every 3 months)

Benefits of the Alpha Mental Health Service


Medical Consultations

All online mental health visits are covered. No need to pay additional fees each time you consult your Alpha Provider.


Personalized Treatment Plan

The 3 phases of treatment (acute, continuation, maintenance) are structured to minimize and prevent the return of symptoms, and prevent lifetime return of new episodes.


Unlimited Messaging

Access to the Alpha Care Team anytime with questions or concerns.


Insurance Support

We accept insurance for medication. Our insurance liaisons will inquire about your coverage, medication copays, pharmacy benefit information, and more.


Return Visits to Optimize Treatment

We’ll ask you to complete return visits online (no additional fees) to help us measure your progress and adjust your treatment plan. Any future refills will depend on your completion of these return visits.


Free Shipping

Prescription treatments are delivered to your home with free shipping (or pickup at your local pharmacy).

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*Cost of medication not included; may be covered by your insurance. Mental Health is not included in Alpha Membership.

Top Questions

Why a flat fee?

If I have already been diagnosed by my doctor, can I get medications through Alpha?

Talk therapy 1

Talk Therapy

Psychotherapy, or Talk Therapy, can be as effective as medication when treating depression.

We partner with BetterHelp, an e-counseling platform independent from Alpha, to address the mental health needs of our patients.

Treatment includes weekly sessions and unlimited texting with your therapist for an additional fee. BetterHelp will waive its charge for the first month - a $260 value.

Enroll in the Alpha Mental Health Service and get matched with a licensed therapist within 24 hours to enjoy one free month of professional online counseling.


Prescription Medication

Prescription medication has proven to be an effective treatment for depression. Each drug affects patients differently, so our Alpha Providers will work closely with you to monitor the effects and make medication adjustment and/or dosing changes.





We do not prescribe MAO inhibitors, benzodiazepines or other controlled substances.

Self care 1

Self Care Advice

Exercise and self care can be as effective as medication when treating depression and anxiety.

Tips from Your Alpha Providers

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with the following companies to provide you with free trial access to their services.


Get 1 month free ($260 value). Treatment includes weekly sessions and unlimited texting with your therapist for an additional fee.


Get 3 months free ($50 value). A premium online yoga site that features over 1,300 yoga, fitness, and meditation videos.


Get 1 month free ($60 value). A meditation and mental coach platform that offers deep-dive programs to help with self-compassion, anxiety, stress and more.

Enroll in the Alpha Mental Health Service and get access to these free trial programs to help you manage your mental health.

How it Works

Describe Your Symptoms

Answer questions about your health condition online.

Connect with a Medical Provider

A medical provider will review your responses and send a treatment plan within 24 hours (8 hours for urgent care).

Get Your Prescription Delivered

Medications will be shipped to you for free (or sent to your pharmacy for pick up).


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